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Marriage Retreat

Your boyfriend said he wanted to put the relationship on hold for a while, but you are in a panic because you think he could be gone for good. You go chasing after him trying to get him to talk, but things are worse than you thought. Your ex boyfriend ignores you and refuses to communicate in any way. This makes you confused and more desperate. However, to get your ex back, you have to make him confused and desperate.

Showing him how badly hurt you are will only make him ignore you more. He knows that you still care for him because people who do not care can't be hurt. This shows him that he has nothing to worry about if he wants you back. In his mind he pictures you sitting at home crying and waiting for him to call. But, as long as he is sure of being able to have you back at any time, he will never call.


You might think that telling him he has made a mistake in breaking up with you because no one will ever love him as much as you love him will change his mind. However, saying that will show him that he has not made a mistake. He wanted to put the relationship on hold and go out to have fun and date other women. If he found someone great, he would dump you for good. If he didn't find anyone he could fall for, he still had you waiting.

This is the way the mind of some men work. They want their cake and eat it too. But, you cannot let him make you sit around and wait. What have you to gain? Your ex boyfriend only wants you as a backup girlfriend and as soon as he finds someone else, you will never hear from him again. Now is the time to get inside his head and show him you are not the kind of woman he can take for granted.

You need to get dressed in your hottest outfit and look as desirable as possible. Then call some of your friends and go out on the town. Be sure to stop by the places your ex boyfriend hangs out and let him get a good look at you. This will knock him for a loop. He was picturing you sitting at home, crying and waiting for his call. Now the picture of you he sees is of a happy confident woman having a great time.

He will notice how other guys are hitting on you and wonder why he let you go. If he tries to talk to you, stay in a group and just give him a big smile. Don't hang around too long, just make sure he gets a good look at you and then leave. He won't be able to get over the picture of you he now has in his mind and he won't be thinking of anyone but you.

You will be getting some phone calls, text messages and emails from him, but you have to ignore them. The more he feels he can't have you the more he will want you. This is also how a man's mind works, they want what they can't have. Just keep going out and having fun and he will be the one who is confused and desperate. Which will make him start chasing you again.

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