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After a breakup, the hardest thing you will face is to keep from pushing your ex boyfriend any farther away. You will be tempted to stay in contact with him and make sure he does not find another woman to take your place. However, this is a time when your emotions will be at their highest and you will find it hard not to text and call him constantly. But, allowing your emotions to control your actions could spell disaster.

Although you live in the twenty-first century, the standards for male and female were set in the stone age. The male has always been the aggressor and the female has always tried to keep him chasing her. Then when something causes a breakup, the female switches gears and begins to chase her ex boyfriend. Is it any wonder that he will try to hide?


If he had wanted to be with you, the breakup would not have occurred. How can he want to be with you when instead of respecting his right to have time to think, you stay in his face? If you don't get control of yourself, your ex might never want to have any kind of contact with you again. You didn't force yourself on him in the beginning of your relationship and you shouldn't be doing it now.

In order to pull your ex boyfriend back you need show him you can accept the breakup and learn to use male psychology. Don't tell him how much you love him and need him, he already is aware of that. What you have to do is make your ex recognize how much he loves you and needs you in his life. The best way to do that is to show him you don't need him.

That doesn't mean that you should date other guys in an effort to make him jealous. Everyone has emotional hot buttons that will make them react in a certain way. By knowing the right ones to push on your ex boyfriend and the right time to push them, you can pull him back to you. Actually that is the reason you have been chasing him. When he broke up with you he pushed your hot buttons because you think he may be gone for good.

The best way to make your ex think he might be losing you is to disappear for a while. Go away somewhere if it's only to visit relatives or friends. It won't be long until he notices that you are gone and he will wonder who you are with. Thinking you may have found another guy, will start pushing his emotional hot buttons.

Thinking you might have moved on will cause your ex boyfriend to see how much he loves you and misses you. then his stone age gene will kick in and he will do the only thing he can do. Your ex will start looking for you and every step he takes will be pulling your ex boyfriend back to your arms.

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