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Marriage Trouble

If you are one of those couples who broke up but with some reflection regretted it and you are now asking yourself, “How can I get my ex back?” after your separation, chances are, you were not quite ready for your relationship to come to an end just yet. Though no one can predict with degree of certainty if a relationship can be pieced back together allowing you to get back with your ex, there is no real reason, however, for you not to give it a try before you give up on getting your ex back into your life.

Here are some hard learned tips that we've cobbled together for you on how you can enhance your prospects in getting your ex back to you. Take some time to go through these suggestions and think through how you will want to apply them to your circumstances before actually implementing them.


1. Give Yourself Some Space

For most people, a break up is hard but what you need is to clear your mind from being depressed and sad over the split. As experience would suggest, when you are in such state, you will not be primed to make the best decision about what to do next and how to do it. So, the best thing to do if you think that you are still feeling sad is to try and get all the sadness out of your system and psyche and give yourself a set timeframe to let out all of your pent up emotions until you have managed to calm down and get you head on straight.

2. Keep Yourself Squarely In Their Radar

You should be around but not always readily available. You can try to be nice, helpful and be the one who is there for your ex but at the same time, you ought to keep your distance by not deliberately forcing your presence into their life. If you restrain yourself by making sure you're not being a pest by stalking them or contacting them but you are still around, it can make your ex feel more longingly about you to the point where clear signs may emerge that they are starting to feel that they miss you.

3. Be Who You Really Are

One of the often cited reasons why couples go down the break up route is that one of the partners had changed in an effort to please the other instead of staying who they really are. We can't level blame upon them or ourselves as we humans always want to make our partner happy and will often change little bits of ourselves over the passage of time after living our lives with them. If that's the reason (or one of the main reasons) why you broke up, then it's time to rediscover yourself all over again and be the individual who you really are. Once your ex sees that your old self is back, he or she will likely try to signal to you that they want to get back into your life as well.

Before you take action and when you start questioning yourself as to, “How can I get my ex back?”, you should also question yourself more fundamentally as to why do you want your ex back in order to be sure that the relationship is worth the effort in mending. Don't let life's little insecurities such as fear of being alone to be the reason why you want your relationship back. Take your time to clear your mind and then once you have decided that the relationship is worth it, you should go ahead and pursue your ex with a view to getting them back again.

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