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Fear of losing your ex boyfriend to another woman is the cause of most relationship ending mistakes. Your mind is clouded with all sorts of negative thoughts and you act before you think. However, mistakes can be overcome and you can get back the man you love even though you may have almost given up hope. But, you have to stop thinking with your heart and start using your head.

Face the fact that the man you love is no longer your boyfriend and that getting your ex back will not be easy. Right now you are in a state of confusion and running in several directions. To make him desire you again, you have to focus on one thing at a time and use male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons.


The first thing you must do is get your emotions under control. Stop worrying about your ex finding another woman and make yourself so attractive to him that he can't see anyone else. To do that you will have to stay away from him for a while. As long as you keep allowing him to reject you, he will see you as a nuisance. You probably know your ex boyfriend better than anyone else, so you should be using that knowledge to get him back.

At one time he thought that his life would be empty without you and that was because you acted like you didn't want him. This is the same guy that chased you relentlessly until he captured your heart and that is where you made you first mistake. You fell in love with him and wanted him to know how important he was to your life. Falling in love was okay, but you should never let a man think you can't live without him.

Boyfriends can become bored very easily and when they think they have your love for good, they start looking around. However a severe jolt can bring his attention back to you in a hurry. The best way to give your ex boyfriend a jolt that he will never forget is to make him think you don't want him anymore. He broke up with you and the best thing you can do is let him go. Start thinking of yourself and your own needs and move on with your life.

This won't be easy to do, but if it will bring back the one you love, won't it be worth it? But, this can't be just an act, you have to make up your mind that he is gone and find other interests. The other interests does not mean that you should go out with other men, but you can make him think you are ready to find someone else. Remember when your ex boyfriend thought he couldn't get you? You became the most attractive woman on the planet and thinking he has lost you will make him feel that way again.

It's all a matter of getting inside his head and controlling his thoughts. When he sees you slipping away, he will become desperate to get you back. This is the way to get a man and keep him, never let him be sure of you and he will always be chasing you.

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