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It can be upsetting enough to have the man you expected to have a future with tell you that he needs to take a break from your relationship. Then when you try to get him to talk about the problem he keeps rejecting you. Of course that throws you into an emotional turmoil and you make things worse by harassing him.

This is what happens in nearly all cases when a woman is suddenly dumped, but no matter how many times you text or call him, he is not going to tell you what the problem is. So what can you do to make him stop rejecting you and be your boyfriend again? You have to get inside his head and make him think that you don't need him in your life.


To do that, you have to use male psychology and take control of his thinking. This is not casting a spell or using black magic. It is simply appealing to his masculine genes. As long as you keep letting him know that you still love him and can't live without him, he will keep pushing you away. The way to get him back in your arms is to do the things that will pull him back to you.

What has been happening is not your fault or the fault of your ex boyfriend. It's just the difference in men and women. Although times have changed and women have more independence, most still want a home, family and a loving husband. Men on the other hand cannot bear the thought of being domesticated. This is the way the genes of men and women differ.

When you first met your guy, he was probably attracted by your independent way and this posed a challenge for him. Once he thought he had you he might have become bored and decided to look around some more. He doesn't want to cut off your relationship entirely but wants to play around a bit. That's why he said he needed a break and when you keep hanging around he knows you are still his girl.

To get your ex boyfriend back you have to shock him. That means stop chasing him and show him that you are not going to sit around and wait for him. Turn your back on him right now and start leading a life without him. If he loves you, your ex will realize that he could be losing you for good. When that happens, you have pushed his hot buttons and male psychology will begin working.

Since men cannot stand to lose what they feel is theirs, your ex boyfriend will feel the challenge and start chasing you again. This is how you captured your guy to begin with and it will work again. He will soon see that he needs you more than you need him and the man you love will never want to be without you again.

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