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Married Relationship

It's sad the way that some guys treat their girlfriends. They never seem to grow up and remain the same as they were in grade school when they were pestering and teasing the girls. It was cruel then and it is cruel now. If your boyfriend has broken up with you, you know what I mean. But there is no reason a nice, pretty woman like you should be hurt this way and you don't need to take this kind of treatment.

You might think this is the only man for you, but there are many others who would probably show you more love and respect. However if you are still in love with this man and determined to have a future with him, you have to know how to not only get him back, but make him come crawling back. You have to make him regret breaking up with you and come begging on his knees.


The reason you need to make him come crawling is not to get revenge, it is too teach him a lesson. Right now he has the control because he thinks you can't live without him. In a relationship, the one who appears to care the least is the one in control. To get your ex boyfriend to come crawling you have to make him think you don't want him anymore.

To do this you will use male psychology to get inside his head and push his hot buttons. A man will always chase something he thinks he can't have. That is the reason he chased you to start with. You ignored him and played hard to get and he was challenged. The more you ignored him, the more his emotional hot buttons were pushed and he had to have you. To get your ex back, you just repeat the process.

That might sound like too simple of an explanation, but it's not. The reason you are having a hard time getting your ex boyfriend back is because you are in a panic mode and doing the wrong things. Stop and think about it. If you had acted the way you are acting now when you mer your ex, what would have happened? He would have stayed as far away from you as possible.

Isn't that what he is doing now? He is staying away from you and refusing to communicate in any way and it is all because you are showing him you need him more than he needs you. However if you stop chasing and begging him, if you just suddenly walk away and ignore him, what then? Everything is back in order and he will become afraid of losing you.

This is the way the game of romance has been played since the beginning of time. The one who is being ignored is drawn to the one who is ignoring them. It is a challenge, but also it pushes the hot buttons of the one being ignored. In this case when you ignore your ex boyfriend and push his hot buttons, you will gain control. Your ex will realize how much he misses you and come crawling back.

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