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Not every break up is final. The passions, emotions, and feelings that both persons experience in a relationship cannot just be turned off like some radio. If you were in a serious relationship of any significant length the two of you had a commitment to each other. There may have been times when you thought you could not live without the other person or wondered how you ever got a long without them in the first place. The un-severability of such strong feelings is why it is possible to Save your relationship. regardless of how bad things seem to be.

After you've broken up with someone you love it seems like everyone wants to give you tips on surviving a break-up. But the one thing you must first become aware of is the fact that you can save your relationship. Doing so takes time, reflection, and preparation. It is of course wise to have a good long think about the behaviors and attitudes that led to the break-up. This includes more than just recalling the events that led up to the actual split. What is required is an honest look at the kinds of statements and actions that slowly ate away at the bonds of the relationship, or created the unbearable tensions within the relationships.


This is often hard for us to do. The reason is that such things don't happen in a psychological vacuum. Typically, the thing you said or suggested or the particular action you took or didn't take caused your partner to respond in a certain way, and then you responded to their response, etc. All of the emotions of such events cloud your ability to see them clearly. However, you can only be responsible for your actions; so, it is important to remember what you did, and to think about how that may have affected your partner.

The next thing is preparation. In trying to save your relationship, you need to not only learn from your mistakes, but you need to be able to act on what you've learned. The nagging, the serial interrogations, the constant need for attention-all of these needy behaviors are unattractive and they will not help you win back your ex's affections. Indeed, needy behavior is perhaps one of the most significant turn-offs; and, if you think about it, it is completely unnecessary in a relationship. Your partner is entitled to have a bit of time for themselves, you need not criticize and complain every wrong-step they make, and you need not always be together in order to remain committed and loving.

Now, the one thing you don't want to do when trying to get back together with your ex is mope around or go out with random people to make them jealous. The latter move especially can easily backfire. Your ex will either see the games you're playing, or will lose respect for you as a person. Either way, things are unlikely to turn out as you want them if you act is such a fashion. The best advice is to be confident and live your life. This in itself may rekindle the flame of love between you.

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