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Your ex boyfriend is being stubborn and it is driving you crazy. When he broke up with you, he said you could still be friends, but now he won't even talk to you. He said he just needed to take a little break, however now it looks as if he is gone for good. You can't understand why he is acting this way, you never argued with him and you were always ready for dates. That could be your problem.

Your ex boyfriend is taking you for granted. He thinks he can have you back at any time and every time you go running after him or sending text messages one after another, you are proving him right. Why should he worry about getting you back when you tell him you will love him forever and cannot live without him. These actions are pushing your ex farther away instead of bringing him back.


You are no longer a challenge to him and men need a challenge. Most women are happy to have things go along smoothly. You go to the same places, see the same friends and you are sure of your man. Male psychology works differently. From the beginning of time man has been a hunter and it is handed down in his genes. Your ex boyfriend might not even realize what is happening, but he feels trapped.

When you met your ex boyfriend, you might have flirted with him to get him started, but it was your ex that did the chasing and he felt good about it. Chasing a prey is a man's place, not having the prey chase him. When things get turned around, he becomes confused and withdraws. He doesn't know what to do so he becomes stubborn and refuses to do anything.

To get your ex back, you have to get him started again. You have to push his hot buttons and give him the same challenge you gave him when you first met him. That might seem hard to do since he broke up with you and now won't even talk to you. But, you are not going to try to talk to him. He has already shown you that he doesn't want to talk, so respect his wishes.

Since male psychology says that men always want what they can't have, in order to make him want you again, you have to make him think he can no longer have you. You have to use the same tactics he is using on you. Walk away from him and show you can be stubborn too. The minute he feels you are gone, he will begin to miss you and regret the breakup.

You will have turned things around and put them in the proper order. You are a challenge to your ex boyfriend again and he will feel comfortable chasing you. All you have to do is play hard to get and let him chase you until you are ready to take him back. But, when you do have him back, don't become too comfortable again and keep him on his toes. As long as you remain a challenge, he will never leave again.

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