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Being dumped by the man you expected to have a happy future with can make you do some crazy things. You start blaming yourself for doing something to make him stop loving you. However no matter how hard you search your mind you can't think of what you did. Soon you start calling him at all hours of the day and night to find out why he dumped you, but your ex just hangs up on you.

This can make you angry and you start thinking of ways to get revenge, but you know that will only cause you to lose him for good. You need to stop chasing him and get your emotions under control if you hope to have any chance of getting your ex back. Once your head clears you will see that the best way to make your ex boyfriend beg for your love is to use the same tactic he is using on you.


If his rejecting you is so effective why not see if rejecting him will make him change his attitude and make him start chasing you again. This might scare you, but what have you got to lose? The way things are going you will lose him for good anyway. The best thing you can do at present is look at the way you were when you first met him and the way you are now.

When he first saw you, you were a carefree, independent woman. You were happy and laughed a lot. Now you are telling him that you can't live without him and all you do is cry. Which of these two women do you think is the most attractive and desirable? He is probably still in love with the woman he first met and if you show him that you are still that same woman, he may come begging for your love again.

One thing you can be sure of is that he does not find a woman who harasses him day and night to be very desirable. In fact the reason he broke up with you could be that you smothered him with love and he felt trapped. By constantly telling him of your undying love you are still smothering him. Since It is natural for a man to be the pursuer you have to allow him to chase you again.

Since only one person can do the chasing, you have to back off and be yourself again. This means getting close to your family and friends and stop having contact with your ex. By showing him that you can live without him, you take the pressure off him and he will he will begin to see you as independent and carefree again.

Since men always desire what they think they can't have, ignoring your ex boyfriend will make him sit up and take notice. This could cause him to wonder if he made a mistake by breaking up with you. The more you show him that you are still the woman he fell in love with, the better chance you will have to make him chase you and beg for your love.

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