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An ex boyfriend can be pretty frustrating after a breakup. You know the whole thing is a big mistake, but how do you get him to see it? There might have been some problems with the relationship, but he didn't have to just dump you and refuse to even talk about your problems. You are right, your ex has no right to treat you this way. Someday he will regret his actions, but that doesn't help you now.

Right now your ex boyfriend is making you miserable and breaking your heart and you feel helpless to do anything about the situation. If you could just grab him and shake him like a small boy when he is acting up, maybe it would shake some sense into him. Well, you can't physically shake him, but you can shake him up emotionally and get his attention.


It is natural for a guy to be stubborn because that comes from their testosterones and ego. It's a male thing. They want to be in control. That's why no matter how much you tell him you love him or how much you need him, he will continue to ignore you. It feeds his ego to have you beg and chase him. But, it is also a male thing not to want to lose what they feel is theirs.

Think back to the times you have seen a child acting up in a store. If the child's parents plead with the child to behave, the child just makes more of a scene. But, what happens if the parents ignore the child and act like they are leaving? Suddenly things change and the child is the one who begins pleading not to be left behind. This same tactic will work on a stubborn boyfriend.

It is all about control. As long as the parents were begging the child to be good, the child was in control, but when the parents walked away, they gained the control. The feelings your ex boyfriend had toward you when you first met him are probably still in his heart. In order to breakup with you, he had to bury those feelings and by being stubborn he is keeping those feelings buried.

By walking away, you are taking away his reason to be stubborn and when he stops being stubborn his feelings for you will resurface. He will realize he misses you and you might be gone for good. He will feel alone and abandoned, the same way you felt when he broke up with you. In a sense you are dumping your ex boyfriend.

This is the way to make your ex boyfriend's stubbornness work against him. You are using male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons. Like the child in the store, his attitude will change fast and before you know it, he will be in contact with you and want to talk things over. He will appreciate you more and not be so hasty to breakup with you again.

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