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If you are still in love with the man who broke up with you, your sole purpose in life becomes winning your ex boyfriend back. However that often causes you to become desperate and drive him farther away. It almost seems that for many women a breakup signals the end of their common sense and they run after their man sacrificing their dignity and pride in the process.

The mystery is, why a woman would think your ex boyfriend would want you back when you show him the worst side of you possible. When you won his love to begin with, you were always careful to show yourself at your best. Doesn't it make sense to do the same thing now? Telling him you can't live without him won't do any good if you show yourself to be a woman he wants to live without.


Your main problem is not the fact that you love your ex or the fact that you miss him so much. The problem is your feeling of being rejected. Thinking that your ex does not want you anymore, makes you crazy. But until you rid yourself of this feeling of rejection, you will have a hard time winning back the ex boyfriend who broke your heart. To do that you have to do three things and do them fast.

First you have to accept the breakup, then you have to get control of your emotions and you have to act like the independent , carefree woman he fell in love with at the start. Once you feel you can stop crying and begging at the sound of his voice, you need to tell your ex boyfriend that you understand the relationship was not going well and it is best to end it.

This is how you win back the ex boyfriend who broke your heart. You hit him where he is most vulnerable – In his pride and ego. Your ex has emotions the same as you, but men do not show their emotions as readily as women do. However, by telling him you are okay with the breakup, you will have turned everything around and you are the one who is now in control.

The ex boyfriend you are wanting to win back is now the one feeling rejected and men cannot stand to be rejected. It takes away their pride and macho image to have the woman he dumped suddenly show that she does not want him anymore. This is something he did not expect to happen and he won't know how to handle it. You will be the only thing on his mind and he won't rest until he gets you back.

Winning back the ex boyfriend who broke your heart can be easier than you think. But everything you say and everything you do after the breakup will either push him farther away or make him want you back. That is why it is so important to learn something about male psychology and the way a man thinks. Knowing which of his emotional hot buttons to push can help you use his weaknesses against him.

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