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When your boyfriend says he needs space, it can make you wonder what you did to make him so unhappy. Why doesn't he want to spend time with you anymore? You are still in love with him and thought he was still in love with you. The truth is, your ex probably still loves you. To understand why a man might suddenly say he needs space, you need to know how a man's mind works.

When your boyfriend says he needs space, you think he will find another woman right away and you will lose the man you love for good. This causes you to panic and do all of the wrong things. He said he needed space, but you chase him and crowd him. You try to make him tell you what is wrong and he clams up and pulls farther away. If he still wanted your company, he would not have said he needed space.


The best way to get your ex back is to back off. Give him all of the space he needs and find other interests for yourself. You might have heard that men and women do not think the same and it is true. However, if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to have some idea of what is going through his mind. Once you do, you will be able to get inside his head and shape his thinking.

You can make him begin to miss you and realize that his life would be empty without you. He will become the one who is confused and do anything to get you back. Another benefit of knowing how your ex boyfriend thinks will be the ability to get inside his mind whenever you want to and be sure not to ever lose him again. However, first you have to know why he thought he needed space.

Men are freedom loving creatures and if they begin to feel trapped they will run. This is what could have caused your ex to think he needed space. He saw that he was falling too deeply in love with you and became afraid. He might be from a broken home and saw the misery it caused and did not want it to happen to him. You might have been nagging and pushing too hard for a commitment.

Whatever caused your ex boyfriend to need space can't be cured by chasing him. You have to respect his wishes and give him time to think. By not trying to get him back, you will take him by surprise. He will think he made a mistake when he thought you were pushing for a commitment. You will be inside his head and start to shape his thinking.

A man will always chase what he thinks he can't have. By walking away and letting him have all the space he needs, you are making him think that you are not as crazy about him as he thought. This will alter his thinking and make him think he was crazy to let you go. Whatever held him back from making a commitment will be forgotten and he will promise anything to get back the woman he loves.

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