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Most boyfriends become stubborn after a breakup. However the reason for his not wanting to communicate with you, usually has to do with the way you cried and begged when he first told you he needed a break. Men become uncomfortable when a woman cries and he thinks that if he talks to you, he will have to go through the breakup scene again. But your ex boyfriend's actions only frustrate you more and makes you desperately try to get him to talk.

Soon it becomes a pattern. Your ex boyfriend knows that you are going to keep sending text and making phone calls. He is determined to ignore you. It becomes a game of hide and seek. He keeps trying to hide and you keep trying to catch him. But, nothing good can ever come of this situation. To get your ex back, you have to make him want you back and that will take understanding male psychology.


You have to learn how to get inside your ex boyfriend's head and change his attitude. First of all you must stop crying and begging. A man will never desire what he can have anytime he wants it. Since he is not showing you any respect, don't show him any respect. You may not want to hurt the stubborn jerk, but he is not having any trouble hurting you is he? What is fair for one is fair for the other.

The reason he can be stubborn is that you are allowing him to be stubborn. It's easy for him to reject you if he knows you will keep coming back for more. Actually, your ex is in a pretty nice position, you are afraid of losing him for good, yet you are telling him you will love him forever. What does he have to lose by rejecting you?

The minute you make up your mind to accept the breakup and show your ex boyfriend you can live without him, you will begin to pull him back. This is going to take courage on your part, however if you understand how his mind works and what pushes his emotional hot buttons, the job of pulling your ex back can be pretty easy.

Another trait of men is that they take things for granted. He might have broken up with you because he wanted to have some freedom to date other women and then come back to you when he was ready. When you go chasing after him, vowing your eternal love, your ex boyfriend knows he count on you being around when he wants you.

Your ex needs to experience what his life is like without you and that means you have to make yourself scarce. Stop sending text and calling. Ignore him just as he has been ignoring you. If he loves you, it won't take him long to see that he misses you and doesn't want to lose you. This changes the whole game and puts him back where he belongs, chasing you.

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