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If your ex boyfriend keeps rejecting you, it can be very painful and frustrating. Why would a man who said he loved you suddenly start treating you this way? The reason could be found in the way you are badgering him and not allowing him a minute's peace. If you want to have any hope of getting your ex boyfriend back, you have to start respecting his rights and use some male psychology to regain his respect and love.

You won't want to listen to what your family and girlfriends tell you to do because they will be angry at the way your ex boyfriend is treating you. It will be easy for them to tell you to forget him and move on, but if you are still in love with the guy walking away from him won't be so easy to do. However, the advice they are giving you makes more sense than running after him and vowing your undying love for him.


The only way you may be able to get your ex back is by getting inside his head and controlling his thoughts. You don't have to be a mind reader or some kind of wizard to do this. All you need is a little knowledge of how your ex boyfriend's mind works and using male psychology can help you with that. You can make him stop rejecting you and reverse the breakup almost instantly by just pushing his emotional hot buttons in the right way.

First of all, you have to stop blaming yourself for the breakup. You might have done something to upset your ex boyfriend, but he has to share in the blame for not telling you why he is upset and giving you a chance to make amends. The reason you are so desperate to talk to him is because you feel that you owe him an apology and that could be true. However, he is not going to listen to you at this time, so you have to stop trying.

As long as he knows that you want him back, your ex boyfriend will keep rejecting you. If that sounds crazy it is, but that is just the way guys are. Male psychology will teach you that men will usually go after what they think is denied to them. That is why chasing after him only results in you being rejected. You are too easy! But if you appear to be ready to dump him and move on, the whole picture changes dramatically.

Now, you become a challenge again and he will start to regret breaking up with you. His emotional hot buttons are being pushed because your ex boyfriend won't be able to stand having his ex girlfriend ignore him. He will see that he still loves you and doesn't want to lose you. Simply by letting him know that you can have a life without him will make you irresistible to your ex again and he won't want to spend another day without you back in his arms. This is how you use male psychology to regain his love.

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