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The dictionary contains many words and, but many words are said after a breakup that are banned from polite and proper speech. Fortunately these words that are said in anger can be soon forgotten. However, what is said after things cool down a bit, may be a different matter . In fact they can be so important that they might be the determining factor to getting your ex boyfriend back or losing him for good.

There are many people in this world, perhaps some that you know who look back at a time such as you are going through and wonder if they had chosen their words more carefully they might have enjoyed a happy future with the man they still love. A very big factor that can decide whether you get your ex back or not depends on whether you are thinking with your head or your heart.


Thinking with your heart and allowing your emotions to get the better of you will only cause your ex to see you at your worst. If you constantly stay in his face, you will not be respecting his right to be alone and think. Although you might think this will show him how devoted you are to him, it will do the opposite. He will see you as a controlling person who only thinks of them self.

If you really love him and want him back, you should be willing to respect his wishes and let him go for a while.How long a period should you stay clear of him? Although it will seem like an eternity, you should give him at least three weeks to settle down. Don't be afraid this will cause him to find some other woman. If he does, you would not have gotten him back no matter what you did.

If he really loves you, he will begin to miss you and wonder if the breakup was a mistake. However, men will not admit to a mistake easily and you have to make it as painless for him as possible. Perhaps you did something to cause the breakup, but what difference does it make who shoulders the responsibility? If you love each other, you have to swallow your pride and be strong enough to take your share of the blame.

After all, would you rather spend the rest of your life without the man you love because you won't admit to any part of the blame, or would you rather take more than your share and get your ex back? This may be what it will come down to, being strong enough to say you were wrong even if you weren't. That doesn't mean that you should beg or crawl, but there is something else you can do that will allow you to keep your self respect.

After enough time has passed and you are sure you can talk to him without begging or crying, call your ex and apologize for your part in the breakup. This can clear the air and make it easier for him to admit that the breakup was a mistake. By taking this action, you can get your ex boyfriend back and both of you will keep your pride intact.

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