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After a breakup those happy days when you first met your ex boyfriend keep coming back in your thoughts. The loving things he said and did and he couldn't seem to spend enough time with you. You would catch glimpses of him when you were out with your girlfriend's and then he started to chase you in earnest. How you wish there was some way to make your ex boyfriend chase you again.

Your family and friends tell you that you should move on, but you know that is impossible. You are so desperate that you can't keep from sending him text messages and calling him at all times of the day and night. But, what else can you do when you are certain that he is the only man you will ever love? The answer to that is, you have to try your best to get him back. However you have to go about it in the right way.


First of all if you want your ex boyfriend to chase you again, you have to stop chasing him. Two people can't chase each other at the same time. Think of how you got him interested in you to begin with. You were cheerful, confident and made him think you were unavailable. This might have been due to feminine intuition, but it also coincides with male psychology because men always want what it seems they can't have.

As long as you chase your ex boyfriend, he will keep pulling away because he doesn't know what to do. You have assumed his role and your ex boyfriend is uncomfortable and intimidated. You do not resemble the woman he fell in love with because that woman would never have begged any man for his love. In addition to that, why should he chase you when you are always around?

No matter how hard it is to do, you have to stop obsessing on your ex boyfriend and take a look at yourself. If you were your ex boyfriend would you be attracted to this woman? I think that if you are absolutely honest, the answer will be no. Which should tell you that you are going to have to make some changes if you are to have any chance of getting your ex boyfriend back.

Taking time out from trying to get your ex back may be scary because you are afraid that he will forget you. But, he will never forget the woman he fell in love with and if you show him that woman again, your ex boyfriend's interest will be sparked immediately. From that point on it should be easy to get him chasing you again. Just stay confident and let him feel that you are just out of his reach for a while.

Now that he recognizes his role again, your ex boyfriend will be more comfortable and confident. Make sure to play hard to get, but don't make him chase you so long that he becomes discouraged.

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