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Most men do not to hurt a woman and they can't stand to see a woman cry. But something upset your boyfriend or made him unhappy and he wanted to end the relationship. So, what does he do? He tries to soften the blow by telling you he needs to take a break from the relationship. He doesn't say how long the break will last, but you can bet that at the time he thinks it will be for good.

The problem you will have when it happens is, you will be so stunned by what he says that all you can do is cry. Your crying will make him want to get away as fast as he can and he will say something about calling you and go out the door. In desperation you will run after him to beg him to change his mind, but he will be gone and you will be an emotional wreck.


However if you had not been stunned, the best thing you could have done is to smile and say you have been feeling the same way. You think a break would be a good idea for the both of you, then start gathering anything of his that might be at your place, put them in his arms and shove him out the door. Then you can cry as much as you need to and not let him see you shed a tear.

But, what if it has already happened and you were too stunned too say you agree with him and you did cry, is everything ruined? Not at all, but you can't have anymore contact with him for a while. If you just let him go and lead your life without him like you were before you met your ex boyfriend, you will make him wonder if you are still in love with him.

You can help things along by going out with your friends and be seen having a good time. This will help you get inside your ex boyfriend's head in a hurry. Men are filled with their pride and ego. It blows them up like a big balloon and makes them feel macho and superior. But, just like a balloon, if the air is let out of him, your ex boyfriend will fall down to earth.

Hearing of you being out and having fun will make him wonder how you could have gotten over him so fast. He expected you to do many things, but he never thought you would just let him go. Soon, he will start wondering if taking a break was such a good idea and want to know how you feel about him. If he sends an email or text, you shouldn't answer it. You have to make him call.

When your ex boyfriend calls you, be as sweet and friendly as possible and let him do most of the talking. Then just before you end the conversation, tell him you have been wanting to tell him that he was right. Taking a break was a great idea because you didn't realize how boring life had been. That will be the last pin that will deflate his ego balloon and he will see that the only way to be happy again is with you back in his arms.

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