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If you've just had a breakup with your ex lover and curious about what to try in reversing the separation with your ex, in that case the No Contact Rule could be an important starting point. The no contact rule just suggests that you cut-off almost all contact with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend temporarily right after the break-up.

This is a very important as well as effective system in winning your ex lover back again whenever properly implemented. However, how is the rule to be undertaken properly. The rule does work and this text will try to show exactly how to implement this tactic.


Utilizing the no contact rule generally entails you shutting off almost all interaction between you and your ex boyfriend or girlfriend while finding the time to make self-improvement attempts in your bodily and psychological life. It is meant for you to reconnect with yourself in almost all areas, handle the separation and then if completely ready, resume the last phase of fixing the split up with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Following a breakup, there is often emotional stress between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend; so it will be important to stay clear of contacting each other for about three to five days soon after the breakup to permit the two of you to settle down. When you're more capable, you may now contact him or her. You have to be relaxed while making this call and following the exchange of greetings, make an apology for the breakup and then, generously tell your now ex girlfriend or boyfriend that you really want to have some time to yourself and therefore you would like them not communicating with you during this period.

Nevertheless, if they decline taking your phone call, then you can definitely commence with the rule without having to alert your ex lover. In summary, you can actually begin the no contact rule by one of the suggested strategies underneath:

  1. You get in touch with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend and inform them of your resolve to end communicating together and asking them to equally quit corresponding with you in the mean time.
  2. You cut off virtually all sorts of interaction open hitherto between you and your ex lover with virtually no notification.
  3. You discontinue corresponding with your girlfriend or boyfriend but nonetheless permit them to be able to get in touch with you whilst you still respond.

Normally, alternatives 1 and 2 are definitely the preferred options you really have. The third alternative has the predisposition of worsening the problem seeing that your boyfriend or girlfriend initiates interaction with you while you never reciprocate. This could as time passes cause your ex lover to get annoyed with you which is not the objective of this idea.

Furthermore, whilst executing this method, it is important to avoid the following:

a. Engaging in anything at all with intent for you to provoke a response from your ex lover.

b. Beginning any sort of connection that could start a “friendly” relationship between your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and you

c. Getting in touch with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend for almost any motive whatever excluding a serious crisis.

Essentially, intentionally having any kind of communication with your boyfriend or girlfriend defeats the actual objective of this procedure. You are intended to discretely and totally stay clear of just about any kind of contact. Having said that, a lot of people feel that as soon as they've began the rule, that virtually any form of communication in any respect after that indicates the failure of the method. This is very wrong since you are being unjustifiably tough on yourself.

Particular occasions will demand that you simply infringe this procedure momentarily and resume again. Examples include instances in which you could have children between you, work with the very same company and unavoidably have connections whenever the occasion requires it as well as in an unexpected emergency that concerns the two of you. You therefore need to be discrete and levelheaded while using the rule.

Despite the significance of the rule, understand that time is very important in getting your ex lover back again. You don't just want to stay away from your girlfriend or boyfriend for a very long time, so you need to know when precisely to call it off. There is no set time frame to get through this method, so you need to use your discretion to help you assess the circumstance and get to a conclusion about what the actual signals from your girlfriend or boyfriend really mean.

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