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Being in love with a man who ignores you is a very painful way of life. You remember when he could not stand to go a day without seeing you or hearing your voice. Now he acts like you don't exist. You want to hear him say he loves you and hold you in his arms again. Your family and friends tell you that you have to forget him and move on. But, you are not ready to do that yet. You want one last chance to

get your ex boyfriend back.


If you love your man, you are right not to give him up easily. If your relationship was of any time at all, you have invested too much time and emotion in it too let it slip away without a fight. However, if you have been trying to get your ex back and met only rejection, it is time to step back and look at what you are doing wrong. You have probably heard or read that men and women do not react the same emotionally and it's true.

If you had dumped your ex boyfriend, it would make you happy to have him begging you to love him again. But, when you chase after your ex crying and begging, he sees you as a desperate and unattractive woman. Stop and think of when he first showed interest in you. Was it because you were desperately chasing and begging him? It was the other way around, he was doing the chasing and begging and you were ignoring him.

The fact that you had a relationship and he ended it does not mean that he changed in that regard. Male psychology will teach you that men always want what they can't have. When he thought you might be unattainable, he was challenged to show that he could win your heart. If you were smart, you made him chase you and earn your love. However, once you gave him your heart, you may have shown too much affection and he grew bored.

As long as you are chasing him, sending text and making phone calls all of the time, he will still take you for granted. Since men want what they can't have, you have to give your ex boyfriend the impression that he can't have you any more. You can accomplish that by showing him you accept the breakup and appear to be moving on. When he sees that you are no longer desperate to have him back, you will spark his interest again.

Your ex boyfriend will be looking for your text and phone calls. That doesn't mean he intends to answer them, but it is a big ego builder to know a great girl like you is desperate for his love. When the text and phone calls stop, he will begin to realize how empty his life is without you. As long as the link between you existed, your ex boyfriend was sure he could get you back anytime he wanted you. When you cut off the communication, he won't be so sure.

You should also disappear for a few days. Take a vacation or visit friends, but just drop out of sight. This will make your ex boyfriend wonder if he has lost you for good and The thought that you no longer want him will have your ex chasing you again.

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