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If your breakup was caused by a lovers spat or something more serious, your ex boyfriend is going to be stubborn and not show any regret. No matter how you try to get him to talk things over, he will clam up and ignore you. The reason for these actions are very simple to explain. He is a man and men have a lot of pride and ego. If he gives in for one second, he will feel like a wuss and lose his self respect.

All of which means that the more you beg and coax him, the more stubborn he will become. Men also love to be the one in control and nothing will make him feel better about himself than having a lovely girl like you lose your pride and self respect over him. That is what makes a breakup so hard to cope with, but there is something you can do that will turn things around in a hurry.


Don't think that I am suggesting that you use a spell or some kind of magic to get your ex boyfriend back. In all of the years that I have been helping couples get back together and have a happy relationship, I have never found what you would call a secret. However there is one thing that will usually make a stubborn boyfriend sit up and take notice.

That is when you accept the breakup and go on with your life as if he doesn't exist. The thing that will get into a stubborn guy's head and make him change his attitude is having his ex girlfriend ignore him. This bruises his pride and deflates his ego and he will have to stop being stubborn and take action. He will have to hear you say you love him and can't live without him.

When a guy feels that his ex girlfriend is done with him, he becomes like a drug addict who is suffering withdrawal symptoms. He will say and do anything to know that you still are crazy about him. But as soon as you tell him that you still love him, he doesn't need you anymore. That is the reason that you have to accept the breakup and move on. You can't fake it, you have to make up your mind to do it.

This might be hard for you to believe at this time, but the sooner you accept the reality that your relationship is over, the sooner you will be on the road to getting your ex back. Why will this happen? Because you are no longer fighting him, you are agreeing with him and if there is nothing to be at odds about, he has no reason to be stubborn anymore. Two people can't argue if they agree.

Now that you and your ex boyfriend agree, you can become a team and work together to fix your relationship. Soon he will look at you with the same love in his eyes as before and he will regret the breakup as much as you do.

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