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The breakup happened some time ago and you think you are beginning to get over it. You decide to go out shopping for some new clothes and on the other side of the street you see them. Your ex boyfriend walking arm in arm with his new girlfriend. The pain is so intense that it is hard to breathe. It makes you realize how much you still love him and want your ex back.

You find it hard not to cross the street and tell her to get her hands off your man, but then you come to your senses and duck into the nearest store. This is the smart thing to do because he isn't your man anymore, but he could be if you play your cards right. Causing a scene would be playing right into your ex boyfriend's hands because showing you are jealous will be a big ego builder for him and so you can't let it happen.


Making you jealous could be the reason he has a new girlfriend to begin with. Men often get into a relationship with another woman after a breakup, but it usually doesn't last long. He might be trying to ease his pain and find companionship or he might be wanting you to be aware of how other women are attracted to him. But, no matter what his reason may be, you can't let him know that you are jealous.

If you can't avoid talking to them, be as gracious as possible. Smile and treat him the same as you would an old friend. Be nice to his new girlfriend and remark on what a nice couple they make. This won't be easy, but it could be a way to give him the feeling that he can turn to you when this relationship hits the rocks. You are his friend and friends are who you turn to in time of need.

This way you will be the first one to know when the new romance begins to unravel. Your ex boyfriend will call and start telling you about his new girlfriend's faults. You will be tempted to agree with him and say that you could tell she was an air head the first time you met her, but don't knock her. Just listen to him whine and sympathize, but don't take sides.

By criticizing his new girlfriend, you will make him feel that he has to defend her. However, by remaining neutral her faults will loom larger in his mind and your ex will be impressed by your maturity and fair mindedness. You will grow in his esteem and his new girlfriend will diminish. Soon he will be wondering why he ever broke up with you and his calls will take on a more romantic purpose.

He will call and ask you to meet him for lunch or coffee, but tell him you don't think that would be fair to his new girlfriend. You are now making him desire you more and more and soon he will call and tell you that the new romance is over and he realizes the breakup was a mistake. At that point you will know you have won your ex boyfriend back.

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