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Problems In Family Relationships

It's happening to you just as it happened to your best girlfriend. You boyfriend told you he needed a break and now you can't get him to answer your text or take your phone calls. What makes guys this way? The answer is that as long as you are chasing him, your ex is comfortable in knowing that he can get you back anytime he wants you. To get your ex back, you have to take him out of his comfort zone.

Stop and think for a minute, what makes you want something? It is because you don't have it and you think it might be out of your reach. If you have already had the object and lost it, you have the added feeling of missing it. What does this have to do with getting back the man you love? Everything! Because unless you can make him miss you and think you may be lost to him for good, you won't get your ex back.


However, if you can make him think you no longer want him, he will not only miss you and want you, he will come crawling back and beg you to forgive him. You might ask, if he broke up with you, why would he miss you? He won't as long as you stay in contact with him and try to get him to talk things over. He will just keep rejecting you and make you keep begging.

The breakup could have been caused by several things. You might have become too available and your ex became bored. You might have wanted him to commit and been a little pushy. Whatever the reason for the breakup, continuing to stay close to him will only confirm that he was right to dump you and move on. He will think that If you were this way as a girlfriend, it would be worse once you became his wife.

Men are not like women when it comes to a breakup. Instead of sitting down and calmly talking out your problems, a man would rather just get away from it all, so he runs. But, if you chase him and demand that he talks to you, how can he have time to think over what he has done and what he might have lost? But give him time to think and your ex boyfriend may think of what he has lost.

When he starts thinking of the good times, he will begin to see how much you mean to him. Your ex will start to miss you and realize you are the only woman for him. If when he starts realizing his mistake, he looks around and you are nowhere to be found, your ex boyfriend may become scared. He will wonder if you have another boyfriend and he has lost the woman he loves for good.

When men become scared, they run. He ran away from you because he was afraid to commit. Now he will run back to you because he is afraid of losing you. Now all you have to do is stay a little out of his reach for a while and your ex boyfriend will come crawling and beg you to forgive him.

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