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Problems In Love

An addiction is a powerful thing. Everyday you read of the way people ruin their lives because of their addiction to drugs, alcohol or something else they feel they cannot live without. You don't want your ex boyfriend to ruin his life, but you would like to have him feel he can't live without out you and that can happen if you make him addicted to you.

What causes a person to become addicted to something? It usually is a scarcity of that item. If something is plentiful, it is taken for granted and therefore there is no reason for addiction. That could be the reason for your breakup, you made yourself and your love too available to him and he took you for granted. Another thing that too much availability does is make a person bored and they begin looking for something else.


Showing your ex boyfriend your love constantly might have made you think it would make him love you more, but it could be what drove him away. If you are like most women after a breakup, you want to let your ex know that you still love him, but he pulls farther away. All of these actions on your ex boyfriend's part indicate that you are using the wrong tactics.

In the beginning of your relationship, he was probably addicted to you. That is why he couldn't be with you enough. Of course that was when you were holding back your love and playing hard to get. Since you were not always available and he wanted you, your ex boyfriend became addicted to you. If you want to make him addicted to you again, you have to do the same thing.

You might think that it would be rather strange to get your ex back by making him think you no longer want him, but that is why male psychology works so well. men want what they can't have, just like an addict craves drugs or alcohol if it is with held from them. So you must ignore the man you love in order to make him chase you again.

You must stop sending him text or trying to get him to talk to you. Spend time with your family and friends as well as finding other things to interest you. Lead the life you led before you met your ex boyfriend. Don't date other men, but you should let him hear of you being out with friends and having a good time. When he hears of this, his interest in you will come to life again.

Your ex will think you are looking for another man and this will be a challenge to him. He still considers you his girlfriend and he won't want any other man to have you. By making yourself scarce, you have aroused the old craving he felt for you. Soon he will be the same as addicted to getting you back. But, it doesn't stop with just getting your ex back, you have to keep his craving for you alive by never being too available to him again.

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