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Problems In Marriage

So, there were lots of shouting matches, yelling and crying during your break up and now a few days later, you are regretting it. If you still have feelings for your ex boyfriend and want to reconcile, you are very likely still unable to let him go out of your heart, your mind and you soul. If you (or a girlfriend close to you) is depressed over a break now, here are some tips on how to get the ex boyfriend back.

1. Pick Yourself Up And Get In Balance


A break up is a hard experience for anyone and it can throw you off from having a good strong balance mentally or emotionally. What you need to do is to pick yourself up, stop the crying and be over your depression, sadness and anger. Easier said than done, I know. But take time to let yourself recover first. By being in a better state of balance you can help yourself to think better as well as plan better on how to get the ex boyfriend back.

2. Objectively Review Yourself In The Relationship

Review yourself honestly and objectively to see if you are making any relationship-killing mistakes. Maybe you have begun to stop putting in the effort to care for yourself properly. You could have stopped dressing tastefully or stopped bothering to look trendy, decent or even adopted habits that are less than hygienic. These could all be reasons that had caused your boyfriend to break up with you. If that's the problem, then it's time to rectify it and start taking care of yourself as a lady would. Relationship or not, anyone should take care of themselves and not only do it for special occasions. Start getting your hair done, new clothes and anything that makes you look good again. After that, practice self-care on a daily basis.

3. Don't Harp On Past Mistakes – It's A Relationship Killer

If you are harping on the mistakes your ex boyfriend made, you are making the all too often seen mistake of going to put the blame on him instead of trying to reconcile with him. If your true purpose is to get him back, then you should forgive and forget. You were not perfect either but what's more important is to fix the relationship to get back together. So, if you really want him back, focus on the solution and not all the causes of the break up.

Negative feelings such as anger and sadness simply aren't healthy if you let them fester and take them along with you, especially if you use these as triggers for blackmail or blame just in order to get him back. Nobody likes to be threatened especially using such tactics and it will surely only drive him further away. So, be sure to heal yourself first and then slowly try to reconnect with the ex boyfriend. From there, you can work your way back a step at a time and, with some perseverance and a bit of tact on your part, get the ex boyfriend back into your life.

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