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If you are in love with a man, it is hard not to want to push him to make a commitment. But, most men are stubborn and like a mule it is easier to lead them than to push them. This is one of the reasons men leave. As long as things are easy and fun, he will hang around, but if he gets the idea that you are trying to put a rope around him, your man will disappear.

If you have ever watched a western movie and seen wild horses running free, you have an idea of what getting a man to commit can be like. There isn't that much difference between a wild stallion and your boyfriend. They both value their freedom and will fight being tamed and domesticated. The best way to capture and tame your ex boyfriend is similar to the way the wild horse is captured, you have to give him an incentive.


First of all your ex boyfriend is still in love with you and he is being tormented by choosing between you and his freedom. But, if you show him which is the most important it will make it a lot easier for him to choose. Your ex run away because he thought he might lose his freedom, but what if he thinks he may lose you? That will create some urgency!

As long as he knows that you are sitting around crying and waiting for him to call, he can take his good old time. Men are not only stubborn, but they can be very frustrating as well. If you sit and wait for his call he will ignore you and if you try to contact him by text or phone, he will ignore that too. This means that you have to light a fire under him and make your ex less sure of you.

Male psychology will teach you that men can be very self centered until they think they could be losing something that they value. This is why you have to make him think that you are giving him his precious freedom, but you are no longer available to him. This doesn't mean that you should start dating other men, but your ex boyfriend won't know that.

If you get dressed as hot as you can and go out on the town with your girlfriends, your ex boyfriend will soon hear of it and be stunned. He thought you would be waiting for him until he made up his mind about you. Hearing of other men taking an interest in you puts a whole different slant on things and his freedom may not seem as important anymore.

Of course men are pretty sly and he will send you a text to see how soon you answer it. If you answer right away, he will go back into his comfort zone and stop worrying about losing you. Which means that you must not answer his text. His next move will be to call and if you take his call be sure that you have your emotions under control. Act like you are in a hurry and after exchanging some small talk tell him you will call him back in a few days.

This will show him how much you mean to him and your ex boyfriend will not be faced with the decision between his freedom and you any longer. He will see that without you nothing is important in his life and your ex boyfriend will be back and ready to make a commitment.

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