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If you are one of the thousands of women in the world today who are heart broken because they think the man they love is gone for good, you need to find a way to make him desire you again. Remember when he first met you and couldn't stay away from you? That was his desire for you that was driving him. As long as he felt that desire, nothing could keep him away from you, but now he won't even answer your text.

You can read about all kinds of reasons for your ex boyfriend to breakup with you and you can find all sorts of ways to get your ex back. Most of this information is good, but it might be a little out dated. You are living in a fast new world and things change from minute to minute. Up until a couple of generations ago, women had to be the shy one and the man the aggressor.


It was a shame and humiliation if your boyfriend broke up with you and you would have to hide from the public until some other poor girl lost her man and attention was turned to her. The man was untouched and could go on with his life as if nothing had happened. However, that was then and this is now. You have new freedom and equality, so take advantage of it and show your ex that you don't need him.

Although women have come a long way, men are still living in the past. Most men think they are the superior sex and women were made to do the dirty work for them. So, if you want your ex boyfriend to desire you again, you will have to educate him a little. Prove to him that you are not going to give up your life because he broke up with you.

Because of his attitude of superiority, your ex boyfriend is ready to play his game with you and inflate his ego some more. He expects you to try to contact him and tell him how much you love him. Right now, he is waiting for a text or phone call so he can reject you. He wants you to beg him to come back to you. But why should you be begging him? He was the one who chased you and begged you before, so make him do it again.

How can you make a guy who has broken up with you chase you again? You make him desire you again. You make him think that if he can't hear your voice, see your smile and hold you in his arms, his life is not worthwhile. The great thing about doing this is, you really don't have to do anything. He left you, so let him go. Just go out with your friends the way you did before you met him and have fun, or at least appear to be having fun.

If you run into your ex, don't try to avoid him, treat him like an old friend. Nothing frustrates a guy like having his ex girlfriend treat him like a friend. Being cheerful will also take him by surprise, but the thing that will make him crazy with desire for you again, is telling him you think the breakup was a good idea. You will almost be able to hear his ego deflate and he will realize that he can't live without you.

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