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You and your ex boyfriend might have had some spats and some of them got nasty, but you never thought he would just walk out on you. You wonder if he has some other woman in mind and maybe he has been seeing her while he was still dating you. You know that you are not a knockout beauty, but although looks can be the first thing that attracts a man, it's not what makes him fall in love with you.

He fell in love with you because of who you are, or was at the time. However, once you realized how much you were in love with him, everything changed. You lost your independence and self confidence and tried to please your boyfriend too much. That made him too sure of you and as most men will do when they become bored, he started wondering what he was missing.


To make him desire you again, you have to show your ex that what he is missing is you. But he can't miss you if you are around all of the time. Which mean that you should stop having any contact with your ex for a few weeks. Men are different from women when it comes to falling in love. You want your man close, however a man falls in love more deeply when they are away from the one they love.

It's all psychological, but being without you will make your ex boyfriend's nostalgia gene kick in and he will remember the good times he had with you. He will hear a song and it will remind him of you, a woman's laugh will make him turn suddenly and he will be disappointed that the woman is not you. Every day your ex boyfriend's desire for you will increase and after two or three weeks of letting him experience his life without you, it will be time to let him see you again.

You can be with some friends and just happen to drop in at the place you know your ex boyfriend hangs out. Wear the clothes he always liked because he will remember when you used to dress especially for him. Knowing that he liked you in these clothes will give you more confidence and you will radiate happiness. Be sure to look his way and give him a big friendly smile. This will give him the courage to contact you and the two of you can work out your problem.

By giving your ex time to see that his life is empty without you, he has realized how much he still loves you. The reason women have such a hard time getting their ex back is because they don't understand male psychology and what make a guy tick. It should be no secret that men want to be appreciated and loved, but they also want the woman they love to be their best friend. Once you understand these psychological facts, you will never lose the man you love.

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