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Your boyfriend said he needed some space and now he won't answer your text or take your phone calls. This is the man who said he loved you and you were planning a future with. What happens to a boyfriend after a breakup? You weren't happy with him needing space, but you thought you would still be friends and in a while he would realize that you were the only woman for him.

In fact he seems to make it a point to hurt you whenever he gets the chance. He avoided you at a party you both attended last week and yesterday he was walking toward you at the mall and suddenly turned and went the other way. Well if it's any comfort to you, women all over the world have been asking why their boyfriends turn into jerks after a breakup for years. Here's the answer and you will probably be surprised.


Your ex boyfriend may seem unaffected emotionally by the breakup, but in fact he is just as hurt as you are. That might be hard for you to believe because although you are hurt, you don't try to hurt him all of the time. However men are programmed emotionally different. Where you let your emotion out by crying and screaming, your ex boyfriend feels that as a man he has to hold his inside.

But, if you try to get him to discuss things with you, he lashes out with hurtful words because as a man he can't show any weakness. The attack is to hide his true feelings and you can't help but take it personal. It is hard for him to hide his love for you and he feels that it is best to make you confused. He is also afraid if he lets you get too close you will break through the barrier he has set up.

It can be even worse if you were the one who dumped your boyfriend. This will cause him humiliation and he will have to show his friends that he didn't care for you anyhow. However, you are not helping things by staying in contact with your ex. The best thing you can do is completely avoid him for a while. Show him that you don't intend to be abused and he won't get any satisfaction from trying to hurt you.

You must remember that he is lashing out to hide his pain, so don't take his words personally. If you still love him it won't be easy, but you can't let him lower your self esteem. You ex boyfriend may attempt to hurt you by starting another relationship and making sure that you are aware of it. He may feel the need to be loved by someone, but his main reason for taking up with another woman right away will be to hurt you.

Don't allow your ex boyfriend to draw you into a battle where both of you tries the hurt the other one more. If you do it will ruin any chance of getting back together and it will destroy all of the good memories of the time you had together.

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