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How often do you think about your ex girlfriend? If you still love her, that's a loaded question. The answer is inevitably going to be something along the lines of all the time or continuously. It's tough longing for a woman that you're no longer with. Your memories are both a curse and a blessing since you can recall how ideal things used to be. By the same token, you're also haunted by imagines of what once was but may never be again. Most men don't realize that the majority of relationships that go through a break up can actually be saved. If you're intent on getting the woman you love back, you have to begin that process by showing her just how much she needs you. Telling her isn't going to do the job, and it's certainly not going to be helpful if you enlist the help of a friend to campaign for you. You have to actually get your ex girlfriend to realize herself that she loves and needs you. The best route for you to take to make that happen is to make her miss you.

Engage in Limited Contact with Your Ex Girlfriend


You've likely heard and read a lot about the practice of no contact after a break up. It's a very straightforward and effective approach to get your ex girlfriend to miss you, but it's also incredibly hard to do if you happen to run into her a lot. A prime example of a situation in which no contact won't work is if you two work together or you travel in the same social circles. There's also the problem of dealing with unexpected calls from your ex. In any of these scenarios you're going to fare better if you do limited contact as opposed to no contact at all.

The rules of limited contact are clear-cut too. You don't initiate any contact with your ex girlfriend for a period of three weeks to a month. However, you do respond if she is the one who reaches out to you. If you happen to run into her when you're out at a coffee shop and she spots you, just give her a wave or a quick hello. Tell her that you're racing to a meeting or have an appointment. In other words, keep the contact cordial, short and friendly.

Focus Your Energy on a New Pursuit

One of the best ways to make someone pine for you is to show them that you're happy and satisfied with your life with or without them. One of the best ways to do this is to do something that will benefit your life. All of us have hidden goals and now is the time to for you to pursue at least one of yours. Think about what you have been putting off doing, be it going back to school in the evenings to further your career or taking up a new hobby or sport.

Jump into that new pursuit with both feet. Don't worry about whether it will interfere with your chance of getting your ex girlfriend back or whether you won't have as much time to sit and wait by the phone for her to call you. She'll actually sit up and take more notice of you if she realizes you're moving full force ahead with your life.

Whenever a person embraces a new endeavour it suggests that they're focused on moving forward. Your ex girlfriend will quickly begin to wonder if you've put the broken relationship in your past and are now looking for a new life's course when she learns that you're involved in something new. It will actually make her miss you in that she'll feel as though she's missing out on a new, and obviously, important part of your life.

Making her miss you isn't really all that complicated at all. Just stand firm with ensuring you only have limited contact with her and do something to benefit your life that consumes your time. You'll find your mind is clearer, you're more focused on doing things that help you and the added bonus is that your ex girlfriend will be the one missing you more than ever.

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