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When you entered into a relationship with your ex boyfriend, you never thought it would turn out this way. You know nothing can last forever, but love is blind and you fail to see the signs that should have warned you of trouble. However, blaming yourself and thinking that you could have done something to prevent the breakup, won't get your ex back. But learning how to push his emotional hot buttons can change your ex boyfriend's attitude in a hurry.

The reason a breakup makes you feel unwanted and rejected is because having someone who you love so much suddenly not have any interest in you anymore pushes your emotional hot buttons. You never expected the man you love to treat you this way and it can be hard to take. Right now, you are only thinking of the way your ex boyfriend made you feel, but to get him back, you have to be able to direct your ex boyfriends feelings. You can do that by pushing his emotional hot buttons.


When he broke up with you, your ex was sure that you were still in love with him and would try anything to get him back. However, if you don't do what he expects you to do, what then? If you walk away and don't make any attempt to get him back your ex boyfriend will lose his comfortable feeling and become confused. When you give him more space than he can handle, your ex boyfriend will look around and feel lonely and unwanted. Now you are starting to push his emotional hot buttons.

But, to do this, you will have to make some adjustments because if you want to get inside his head and direct your ex boyfriend's thinking, you have to start thinking like a man. As a woman, you might be thrilled to have your ex chase you, but as a man he wants you to leave him alone and yet he wants you to try to get him back so he can reject you. This will boost his ego and make him feel like God's gift to women. That's why he will be so surprised when you ignore him.

You should not ignore him by sitting at home and moping around. You have to show him that you can have a life and a good time without him. When he hears of you being out having a great time, you will be pushing another of his emotional hot buttons. Always look your best when you go out because you could run into your ex boyfriend. Just give him a big smile and flirt a little, but do not let him get close enough for conversation. That will make him have to be the first to call after the breakup.

When you learn to push your ex boyfriend's hot buttons at will, you are the one in control. After you get your ex back, It is important that you remember what you have learned about being in control and pushing his emotional hot buttons. This will make it easy to always keep your ex boyfriend desiring you.

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