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If you're going through a break up or hoping to get back together with your ex, you may not be in a very good place right now, emotionally speaking.

You may be so consumed by thoughts of your ex and what went wrong in your relationship that you've had trouble getting out of bed, working, eating, or sleeping.


You may have even started to isolate yourself from your friends and family.

These are normal reactions after a break up that affect your day-to-day life… but you may also be doing a few things that are really damaging the chances of you getting back together with your ex.

Here are 8 mistakes that you'll want to avoid if you're hoping to get back together with your ex:

Mistake #1 – Allowing Thoughts Of Your Ex To Control Your Life

You may not even be aware that you're doing this, but after your break up your gut reaction may be to over-analyze every facet of your relationship and your break up, to the verge of driving yourself crazy.

That's not going to achieve anything – it will only keep you stuck in the past and create a whole vibe around you that your ex can FEEL.

Mistake #2 – Staying Friends With Your Ex

Many brokenhearted people stay friends with their ex for one reason – in hopes that one day their ex will realize that they're really meant to be together.

The truth is, once you get set in the friend zone it's very hard to get out of, so it's not something I recommend.

Mistake #3 – Bombarding Your Ex With Text Messages

Basically you're not leaving your ex alone because you don't want them to move on with their life without you.

This is one of the worst things you can do because often all it does is ensure that they've made the right decision not by being with you right now.

Mistake #4 – Sending Angry Emails To Your Ex

When you make this mistake, you're venting on your ex because you're angry at the pain that they've caused you.

All this will do is drive a permanent wedge between you and your ex, and ensure that they'll move on quickly.

Mistake #5 – Sending Desperate Emails To Your Ex

Acting needy – and trying to get your ex to understand how much they've broken your heart and how much you need them in your life – is NOT going to make you more attractive to your ex!

In fact, all that will do is push them further away.

Mistake #6 – Calling Your Ex Over And Over

Odds are, you're not calling them up with good intentions – you're calling them because you want to know where they are and who they're with.

This harassing behavior could end up with you being served with a restraining order, so hold off – this is not the way to get your ex's attention!

Mistake #7 – Showing Up Regularly At Places Where Your Ex Hangs Out

You may have this desire to “just be” wherever your ex goes – because if they don't see you, how are they ever going to think about you now that you're no longer together, right?

WRONG! Not only will this NOT look like a coincidence, but it will appear desperate and turn your ex off.

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