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The breakup left you feeling like you had lost the only man you could ever love.You never realized how much you loved him until your ex boyfriend was gone, but now you miss him like crazy. Do you know why you are having these feelings? It is because your ex has pushed your emotional hot buttons and to get your ex back, you need to learn how to make him feel the same as you by pushing his emotional hot buttons.

Although the two of you might react differently after a split, you can still be controlled by the same emotions. At the present time your only thought is to get your ex boyfriend back and his only thought is to reject your every attempt. You are determined to get him to sit down and tell you what caused him to stop loving you and he is determined to keep you away. Not much can be gained when two people are that much at odds.


If your ex boyfriend will not let you come to him, you have to make him come to you and you can do that by pushing his emotional hot buttons in the right way. However to do that you have to get inside his head and direct his thinking. That might sound like some psychological mumbo jumbo, but it is not difficult to use male psychology to bring the man you love running back to you.

You see, your ex boyfriend is probably as much in love with you as ever, but he does not want you to know it. He is also anxious to talk things over, but that would mean he would have to admit he made a mistake. Men will do almost anything to keep from admitting they were wrong. Look at how a man will drive for miles trying to find a certain address. He doesn't want anyone to know he made a wrong turn, so he won't ask for directions.

All of this is how a male thinks – it is male psychology and it is what will push his emotional hot buttons and bring him running back to your arms. However you can't be chasing him if you expect him to chase you. Two people cannot chase each other at the same time. That means you have to stop trying to get him back by begging and try another way. A way that will make your ex boyfriend miss you like crazy and realize how much in love with you he is.

The only way you can do that is to pull away from him and make your ex feel you are over him and you will be moving on. Isn't that the way you felt when he broke up with you? Feeling that you were losing your guy for good made you panic, become desperate and start begging him to talk to you. Well guess what? When you pull away from your ex, he will have these same feelings.

Male psychology will teach you that men cannot stand to lose, and if he thinks he is losing you, your ex boyfriend will forget his pride and do whatever it takes to get you back. This includes chasing you and begging you to forgive him. The minute you stop chasing him, you will begin to push his emotional hot buttons and you will be the one in control.

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