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For most of the guys out there, you don't need me to confirm the following but in running the risk of getting slapped for it, I'll say it nonetheless. Often times women have a distinct tendency to change their mind regarding a lot of things, including about their boyfriend. Today she loves him. Tomorrow, she breaks up with him. And then the next day, she wants him back. And how to get him back is the biggest question of all. How can you get back with a person whom you caused (or at least was a contributor towards causing) too much pain? Isn't that going to be a little too much to ask for?

There's a formula to make your ex boyfriend love you again that has been tried and tested by those who have already gone before you. Just don't doubt about it. With some help on your side, and the wind at your back, it's more than possible for the two of you to regain that loving feeling towards each other and kick-start things over again. That old feeling he has for you can be rekindled. Let him feel that fire and passion for you all over again. You simply have to be the woman that she adored so much and quite completely.


The first thing that you have to do is to clear your head of any confusion, pent up anger and aggression toward your ex so that you can operate in the right mental space. Makes sense doesn't it? The next thing that you need to do is to clean up the mess that the breakup and its fallout has made. What instances lead to the nasty breakup after all? You have to heal all the scars that transpired from that. You have to smooth out the friction that led to the two of you to part ways. Having said that, the next step to get back to with your ex is to ask and give forgiveness. When you apologize, it is important that you completely put everything that transpired to one side so it becomes easy (or at least easier) for the two of you start off fresh and begin a new life together again.

Open yourself up and lay out your whole heart for him to see – warts and all. Tell him everything about what you feel. Allow him to feel your emotions and let him understand you completely. Let him see and feel your sincerity. Unlike a lot of women folk, men are not that hard to win over – that is, perhaps not quite as hard as you might have otherwise thought. Unless there's someone else with a bigger emotional pull than you, once you were able to fix up the situation, they'll more than likely get back with you. That's something that you can look forward to if you simply act swiftly and diligently enough. Don't let the situation get any worse than it already is. After some understandable relationship grieving, strike while the iron's hot and maximise your chances of a successful reconciliation.

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