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After a breakup, your family and friends will be more than ready to give you advice. Most of them will tell you to let him go and live your life the way you did before you met him. However, you feel you can't live without him, so you go searching the Internet and magazines. You find more advise, but the more you read about getting your ex back, the more confused you become.

The truth is, you could have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble by listening to the advise you got from your family and friends. The advise they were giving you was pretty good because you do have to accept the breakup and let your ex boyfriend go. It won't be easy, but you are not saying goodbye to him for good. You just have to show him that you can have a life without him.


To get your ex back, you have to stop showing you are hurt and telling him how much you love him. As long as he does not have to worry about losing you, he can go on with his life, have fun and date other women. He knows you will be at home, moping around and waiting for him to send a text or call. That makes life pretty good for him and pretty rotten for you.

If you stop and clear your head long enough, you will see the answer to getting your ex boyfriend right before your eyes. First of all, the reason you are so desperate to get your ex back. It is because he dumped you and you think he no longer wants you. The other thing you should think about is when you first met your ex boyfriend. You ignored him at that time and made him think you didn't want him. That made him desperate to have you and he started chasing you.

Knowing why you are desperate to get your ex back and the reason he was desperate enough to chase you in the beginning, should show you the amazing tactic that will make your ex boyfriend come crawling back and beg you for your love. All you have to do is what you did before. Ignore him and act as if you are no longer interested in him.

One of the things that can deflate your ex boyfriend's ego is to ignore him because men cannot stand to have an ex girlfriend ignore them. It may also make him see that the breakup was a mistake and stir his yearning for you again. At the very least it should make him confused and want to know why you do not want him anymore. This should be enough to make him contact you.

That is what you wanted all along wasn't it? You wanted your ex boyfriend to show some interest in you and contact you. But, if you rush right back into his arms, he may withdraw again. You have to play the same game of hard to get you played when he first met you. That should give him enough challenge to make him chase you again, but never let him feel he has you completely and he will be your man for good.

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