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You might think that dating your ex boyfriends best buddy is a good trick to get back the man you love. Or you resort to gaining his pity by saying you can't live without him. However these tricks usually backfire and make your ex pull farther away from you. To make your ex boyfriend want you again, you have to change his attitude and to do that you need to get inside his head and control his thinking.

This is where psychological tricks can be your best weapon. However, you also have to know how a man's mind works and men can be more fickle than most women think. The cause of the breakup could be disillusionment. He thought he knew you, but you seemed to change before his very eyes. Instead of the happy and independent girl he fell in love with, you became uncertain and clingy.


Love can play cruel tricks on you if you are not careful, especially if you become obsessed with your partner. You allow your world to center around his every word and action and you become boring. You are no longer the girl who kept him guessing and on his toes. Instead of making him please you, you started doing everything possible to please him.

Since men are natural hunters they need to feel that they are challenged, but constantly telling him you love him doesn't make you much of a challenge. This isn't to say that men don't want to know that they are loved, however too much of it will make him take you for granted and he will seek a challenge somewhere else. So if he wants a challenge, why not let that challenge be you?

This is where playing a little psychological warfare on him can have him chasing you fast. But, he can't chase something that he already has and that means you have to make him unsure of you again. You know how he has been driving you crazy by ignoring you and he will react the same way. Nothing gets into a guy's mind faster than seeing his ex girlfriend out having fun and acting like he no longer exists.

However, you can't just go out one time and expect him to come running after you. You have to actually start making another life without him. Spend more time with your friends and family, just as you did before you met him. By doing this, you will be making your ex boyfriend feel that he only imagined that you were too clingy and he had you wrapped around his finger.

This is using male psychology to bring him back to thinking the same way he did when he first met you. He will be attracted by your independence again and wonder if he can get you back. Along with this he will see how much he has missed you and still loves you and he will see you as a challenge again. When that happens, your ex boyfriend will be kicking himself for ever letting you go.

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