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What is making your ex boyfriend act so difficult? Why won't he talk to you or even answer your text? The answer to those questions is because he knows he can get away with it. When he broke up with you, you cried and begged him to tell you what was wrong and all he would say is, “you know what is wrong.” Since then your ex boyfriend won't even communicate at all.

When a guy acts that way it is usually a sign of immaturity. If the two of you are close to the same age, you are probably much more mature than your ex boyfriend. That is because women mature faster than men as a general rule. It is also the reason that you are having a hard time accepting his rudeness. You are too mature to treat others in such a cruel and uncaring way.


By trying to get your ex to sit down and talk things over, you are misjudging his ability to act like a grown up. That should tell you that in order to get his attention you have to treat him like the child he really is. If you have a younger brother or observe how kids act when they become angry, you should know that begging them to be good is useless.

When you give in and try to reason with an unruly child, they become worse. That is because they feel like they are in control and the more they scream and throw a tantrum, the better chance they have of getting their way. In the case of your ex boyfriend, the more you run after him and tell him you love him, the less chance you will have of getting your ex back.

The best way to get an unruly child to straighten up is to ignore them. Just walk away and tell them that until they learn to act civil you don't want anything to do with them. When you use this tactic on a child, he might sulk for a while, but soon he will come around and tell you he is sorry and will be good. Once you show a child that your life can go on without them, they feel deserted and alone.

The same thing will happen to your immature ex boyfriend. If you have the strength to walk away and show him you can live without him, the control will switch over to you. He will be the one who is wondering why you stopped loving him and begin to see the error of his ways. He might not approach you right away because he knows he has been a jerk and thinks you might reject him. So he will contact your friends to see how you feel about him.

If you alert your friends and have them tell him they haven't seen you your ex boyfriend will panic. He will think you have found someone else and he has lost you for good. That will make your ex boyfriend mature in a hurry and come running after you to ask you to forgive him.

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