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When your boyfriend broke up with you, it broke your heart. You never realized how lonely your life without him could be. However the biggest hurt now is the way he ignores you and refuses to have any communication at all. He won't take your phone calls or answer any email or text message. You are beginning to think he no longer cares for you and it will be impossible to get your ex back.

It might surprise you to find that the feeling of not being able to get your ex boyfriend back might be a good thing. It could cause you to stop trying to get your ex back. The reason this is a good thing is, when you stop trying to get him back, his attitude toward you will suddenly change. When he sees you walking away from him, things will begin to happen inside his head.


Men do not like to lose and your action of ignoring him can make him feel he is losing you. It is always good male psychology to keep a boyfriend a little mystified by your action, whether you are together or apart. Another lesson in male psychology is, men fall in love from a distance. Being away from you can make strange images appear in your ex boyfriend's mind.

For one thing you will be pushing his emotional hot buttons several ways. If he sees you longer are crazy to have him back, his ego will be bruised. He liked having a lovely girl like you chasing him. Another thing that will happen is, you will become more desirable to him. He will see you in his mind as being more beautiful than he thought and he will remember the cute things you used to do.

What caused the breakup will start fading away and your ex boyfriend will wonder how he could have been so stupid. Then he will realize that some other guy will be chasing you and imagine you in another man's arms. All of this pushing his hot buttons is a way of making him see how much you mean to him. In fact you are putting things back where they were when the two of you first met.

When you first met your ex boyfriend, you were a happy, confident woman. You spent time with your family and went out for a good time with your friends. You flirted with guys, but you didn't chase them. To get your ex back, you have to be that woman again and once you get him back, never let him think he owns you. Men become bored if they are not constantly challenged, so make him always be working to keep you.

When you start using male psychology to push your ex boyfriend's hot buttons, he will see how much he misses you and experience what his life is like without you. Soon he will be in contact with you. Treat him like an old friend and don't mention the word love. if you start crying, he may hang up because a woman crying makes a man uncomfortable. Be cheerful and let him do most of the talking and he will soon be begging you to take him back.

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