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After a breakup it is normal to want your ex boyfriend back if you are still in love with him, but if you want him back in your arms fast, you must take the right type of action. Sending him one text message after another, emailing and calling him both day and night is not the action you should be taking. You will find many articles written about using text to get your ex back. That's because it is new and sounds like a good way to contact him.

However, couples have been breaking up since the dawn of civilization and there is always some new cutesy way that some one comes up with to cure all of the problems associated with breakups. However, just as in any other part of life, you can't beat the old fashioned common sense way of doing things. Today we all live In the rush and hurry up style of today's living and it is tempting to take shortcuts, but the most simple cures cannot be forgotten.


Getting back a man who has dumped you is not something that you want to be trying new fads and experiment with. You need to use something that has proven to be effective at not only getting your ex back, but something that will neutralize bad feelings instantly. Of course in the first weeks after a breakup it is best to do nothing. Do not plead, push or try to use any other way to make your ex communicate with you. The feelings are still to raw and there must be a healing period.

So it is best to take a few weeks to allow things to cool off and that might be all that is necessary to make him see that the breakup was a mistake. But if that doesn't work, you can do a simple act that you do practically everyday. You can tell your ex boyfriend that you are sorry. You might object to saying you are sorry when it was your ex boyfriend who broke up with you but that simple act can change his attitude completely.

Think of the times you might have accidentally bumped someone while shopping or stepped on their toe. You automatically say, “I'm sorry.” They in turn will smile and say, “no problem.” These words are an instant neutralizer, whether you feel it is your fault or not. When you say those words to your ex boyfriend, you will not only stun him, but he will respect you for having the strength to say them.

After saying you are sorry, do not go into any long explanation. Just say the words and then give him some time to think about what you have said. Your ex boyfriend will start thinking of all of your other strong points and the problem that caused the breakup will seem silly. Next will come the realization of how much he misses you and soon you will have him back in your arms once again.

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