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Wronging a Cancer man can almost feel as though the world is ending. That may seem a bit melodramatic but if you're a woman who is now bearing the brunt of the anger of a man born under this astrological sign, you know exactly what I'm referring to. Cancer men are incredible partners. They are intense, intuitive and also they feel things very deeply. If you do anything that hurts a Cancer you can expect to receive the cold shoulder for some time along with some very harsh words. Getting him to forgive you may feel futile, but there are definite things you can be doing to get him to move past the pain, betrayal and sadness he feels so your relationship can begin to move forward again.

Offer a Sincere, Simple Apology


It's admirable for you to want to apologize if you've hurt the man you adore, but if that man happens to be a Cancer, you need to be mindful of the apology itself. As much as you may believe it's helpful for you to go out of your way to do something meaningful as a gesture of apology, it's not. The best approach to take when you've hurt a man born under this sign is to simply state that you're sorry and that you regret your actions. If you start trying to explain why you did what you did, he'll find more reason to fault you. It's really in your best interest to offer the apology and leave it at that. It's rare for a Cancer man not to want an apology. Most men like this will actually sit in waiting expecting the apology so the sooner you can offer it the better.

Give Him As Much Space as He Needs

Cancer men aren't quick to forgive and the process takes even longer if you're constantly pushing at him to give you another chance. These men absolutely need time to themselves if they've been hurt. They don't want to talk or try and work things out until they feel emotionally ready to do so. Therefore, if you continue to try and contact him when he's attempting to work through his feelings, you can fully expect him to explode. He'll lash out and call you inconsiderate or selfish.

If you want to avoid a confrontation like this just back away for a time. These men feel things very deeply and because of that they don't generally move from one relationship to another very quickly. They want to work things out when they truly care for their partner and by taking time away from the relationship and its drama, they are able to do that.

Allow Him the Chance to Express His Feelings

When we know that we've hurt the man we love, we don't want to dwell on it. It's human nature to want to remedy the problem and then put it behind you. That's what you're going to feel inclined to do with your Cancer guy, but he's probably not going to want to follow you down that path.

He's going to feel a deep seated need to express what he's feeling in terms of what has happened. If you try to quiet his concerns by interrupting him so you can repeatedly apologize or explain yourself, that's not going to be helpful in the least. He'll feel as though you don't value his emotions and you two will be in a more challenging place than you were before.

As difficult as it is, you must sit and listen to him share what he feels. That includes quietly listening when he expresses how much he was hurt by your actions. Expect tears and anger throughout this conversation.

Be as supportive as you can and show your genuine remorse for causing him this much pain. It's also important that you explain to him that you are going to uphold your promise to never hurt him in the same manner again. Don't offer this until the conversation is nearing an end and he's had ample opportunity to get out everything he's been feeling.

With understanding, patience and an open heart you can work through your issues with the Cancer man you love. You already know how amazing he is, so don't give up on him. Being there for him in every way you can, including giving him the time he needs, is the ideal way to get past the issue that is now tearing you two apart.

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