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When the man you love has dumped you, it is easy to lose your self confidence and feel that you will never find anyone to love you again. This can make you lose your pride and dignity and tell your ex that you can't live without him, but he will pull farther away from you. This is the time for you to use some magic and bring your ex boyfriend running back to your arms.

We're not suggesting that you try casting a spell or using some other form of black magic. This would probably backfire and cause you to lose the love of your life for good. Actually the magic you should use is not complicated at all. To get your ex back all you might need to do is use the magic of male psychology.


By using male psychology, you will be getting inside the head of your ex boyfriend and making him realize that the breakup was a mistake and show him how empty his life will be without you. The reason using male psychology is so effective is because your guy is still in love with you, but he is trying to hide it. So you need to get inside his head and show him that he needs you more than you need him.

Using the magic of male psychology is nothing new to you because the knowledge of it is something that women have from the day they are born. You used this knowledge to make your man chase you at the start, but when he broke up with you, your emotions took over and you started chasing him. But if you stop trying to get your ex back and let your emotions get back to normal everything will fall back into place.

When you first met your guy, it was easy for you to ignore him and let him be the one to do the pursuing. The more unattainable you seemed the more his desire for you increased. This was because a man will be attracted to something that he feels is unobtainable. The more he has to pursue, the more he becomes obsessed.

What caused you to lose your pride and go chasing after your man was the fear of losing him for good. When you stop chasing him the fear of losing you for good enters your ex boyfriend's head and he will start chasing you again. Hearing of you being out with your friends will increase his fear of losing you. You don't need to date other men, just let him think that you might.

That is how simple using the magic of male psychology to get back the man you thought was lost for good can be. By showing your ex boyfriend that you can live without him, you will be showing him that he can't live without you. Once he sees how important you are to his happiness you will never lose the man you love again.

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