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Is it possible to make your ex girlfriend come back to you? Naturally you're not going to be able to force the woman to do anything but there are certainly things you can and should be doing to reignite her interest. Trying to determine exactly what to do to move past a break up so you can reunite with your ex isn't easy. Some people will tell you that the thing that worked for them was ignoring their ex girlfriend. Other men will swear that the way they got their ex girlfriend to date them again was by lavishing her with flowers and gifts. The key to getting back the woman you adore lies in who she is as a person. You have to evaluate the relationship you two shared including what made her happy and what pulled her away from you. Once you have a clear understanding of what she needed from you when you two were together, you can then move forward with a plan to regain her love.

Show Her that Her Needs are Paramount


Every woman wants to be in a relationship with a man who sees her as a gift. She wants to know that her needs are always at the forefront of the mind of the man she loves. When you two were dating are you certain that you always put her first? If you didn't, that may have been a bone of contention between the two of you.

Now that you're broken up it's important for you to show your ex girlfriend that you are different and that you've changed. If she requests time to herself post break up to get over all the heavy emotions she's feeling, give that to her. You may feel inclined to talk to her, but if she's made it clear that she wants nothing to do with you right now, respect that. That one gesture alone will show her that you have learned how to be unselfish and how to honor her needs. It will mean more to her than you realize.

By the same token, if she wants to talk about what happened, you must give her that opportunity. Some women can't move forward from a bad split unless they talk through it and understand why it happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Be a Good Friend if That's What She Wants

The core of any plan to get back your ex girlfriend should focus on establishing a new, fresh and healthy connection between the two of you. Although your heart may be demanding that you reconnect on a romantic level with her right now, she's likely not going to want anything to do with that. You have to ease your way back into your ex girlfriend's life and the best and most productive way to do that is to become a close and trusted friend to her. If you can take the romantic aspect of your relationship off the table for now, she's going to be more accepting of having you back in her life.

Suggest the idea of you two meeting as friends. If she has some reservations initially don't be deterred by that. It's a perfectly normal and natural reaction but once you put the idea out there, she'll definitely continue to give it some thought.

Once she does agree to try the friendship route with you, be certain that you stay within those boundaries both physically and emotionally. Don't push her for anything more than a friendship at this point. If you try and do that too soon, she may retreat and pull herself out of your life for good.

Just remember that if you can show her that she can depend on you as a friend, she'll be that much more likely to want to take the relationship to the next level. Having a foundation of friendship to build on may be the key to getting her heart back.

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