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Relationship Break Up

After your boyfriend tells you he has to take a break from the relationship, you wonder if he will ever come back to you. If the two of you are still in love the chances are good that he will. However the reason he needs a break is usually because he is confused. Things have changed and he does not know how to handle it. What may have your ex boyfriend confused is the changes in you.

Changes in a person or a relationship do not happen over night, it occurs slowly over a period of time and you might not even be aware of the change. But, your ex boyfriend has seen this change and has probably given you clues that he was not happy with the changes, however you didn't get the clues either. You were in love and comfortable with your vision of a rosy future with the man you love.


Being too comfortable in a relationship can be dangerous. A successful relationship takes constant work and you have to be aware of how you are changing. If you started out by always being well dressed and not a hair out of place, that is the image your ex has in his mind of you. If you have changer to wearing sweats and tee shirts with your hair tied back, he hardly recognizes you as the woman he fell in love with.

This can confuse a man as to which of the people he sees is the real you. He wonders if the woman he fell in love with is the real you or if you were merely trying to impress him. This is why he needs a break, your ex boyfriend needs time to sort things out because he still loves you but he is disappointed in the way you have changed. If you refuse to give him time to think and badger him by running after him he will never come back.

When you are chasing a man crying and screaming you can't live without him, you are showing your weakness and neediness. Your ex will be wondering where the happy, independent woman that he first met and fell in love with went. The only way you will get your ex back is to stop chasing him and become the woman you were when he met you again and it won't be as hard as you may think.

Telling you that you have to change might cause you to say, “what about my ex boyfriend, he has changed too.” That is probably true, however you must have been able to accept the changes in him because you didn't dump him. Since it was your ex who dumped you and you want your ex back, that means you are the one to change. Making these changes could make you feel better about yourself as well.

Changing your looks can be the easy part. Just go get a makeover and buy some new hot clothes. But changing the new and bad habits you have slipped into will be much harder. You have to become the happy, independent woman in spirit that you were before. Then you have to show your ex boyfriend how you have changed and get him to chasing you again.

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