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Once you have a relationship with a man, there will always be a connection between the two of you. No matter what the circumstances that caused the breakup, you will always feel close. After things settle down, you may start remembering the good times and forget much of the bad and begin to miss him. That's when you wonder if it would be possible to date your ex boyfriend again.

If the relationship was always plagued by disagreement, your ex boyfriend might be a little cautious when it comes to dating you again. But, if the breakup was due to one or both of you getting bored, it should be much easier. In any case, you will have to use the right approach and peak his interest in you again. Here are a few tips to make him notice you.


You might think that the best way to find out if your ex is still interested in you would be to have mutual friends ask him, but he may resent this. You may also think that he is too familiar with you to use the same tactics that you used to spark his interest in the beginning. However, you have something in your favor that you didn't have the first time around.

What you have in your favor is nostalgia. Everyone has a nostalgia gene that reminds them of the good times in their past and fills them with the desire to get them back. Thinking of these good times can make your ex boyfriend miss you, but thinking is as far as it may go. To make his nostalgia gene kick into overdrive, you have to show him what he let get away.

This doesn't mean that you should date some good looking guy and make sure your ex sees you with him, but if you know where he hangs out you can make sure he sees you at your best. Before you do any of this, you need to make sure you look your best. Visit a good salon and let then work you over. Maybe a new hair style and manicure will give you a more sexy look. Then buy some new hot clothes.

Once you are looking totally desirable, get some of your girl friends together and go out hunting your ex boyfriend. Make sure he sees you having a great time, but don't engage him in conversation. You might flirt with him a little and when you are sure that you have his interest, wave goodbye to him and leave. This should put you on his mind and make him give you a call.

When you get the call, don't appear too anxious. Be friendly, but let your ex do most of the talking. He might ask you for a date on the spot, but if he doesn't you should not call him. If you don't hear from him again for a few days, you might send him a text and just say it was good to hear from him again. It will be hard, however you have to let him ask you for the date and once you do start dating again, take it slow and never mention the breakup.

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