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One of the most painful parts of a breakup, is thinking your ex boyfriend has fallen out of love with you.The chances are, he hasn't really fallen out of love with you at all, he only thinks he has. He is upset and angry about something you did or said and he is doing his best to bury the love he has for you. That is the secret of getting your ex boyfriend back.

You don't have to make him fall in love with you again, you only have to bring the love he has tried to bury to the surface. You can do that by using male psychology. The fastest way to make your ex uncover his love for you is to make him miss you. But, you can't make him miss you as long as you continue to chase him and cry and beg for him to love you again.


He can't want you back as long as you are always there making yourself available to him. In order to have the desire for you he used to have, he has to experience what his life is like without you. Only then will he start to remember the good times you had together and begin to miss you. You never appreciate something until you think it is gone and your ex boyfriend won't appreciate you until he thinks he has lost you.

This doesn't mean you should go out and start dating other guys, but you can make him think you are about to. You can be seen out with your girlfriends having a good time and doing a little flirting. Using male psychology to make your ex boyfriend miss you requires you to do things that will push his emotional hot buttons and make him regret the breakup.

When you stop chasing him, he will wonder what happened to you and what you are doing. Things will change completely around and your ex boyfriend will feel like he has been dumped. He will wonder what other guy is holding you tonight and it will make him realize how much he loves you. One of the strongest hot buttons you can push on your ex boyfriend is making him feel he is losing what is his.

Male psychology will tell you that men always want what they can't have and as soon as he thinks he has lost you, he will want you again. His old desire for you will surface and he will be chasing you again. He might first try to contact you by sending a text to ask how you are doing. This will be to see how soon you answer the text. If you answer right away, he will know you still want him, so it might be better not to answer the text at all.

Let him sweat a little and his desire for you will get stronger. Soon he will be willing to beg you to take him back and promise anything to get you to love him again. This is one of the ways you can use male psychology to get your ex back and make him want to stay.

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