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When you seek advise after your boyfriend breaks up with you, you keep hearing the same thing. If you ignore him and go on with your life , he will come running back and ask you to forgive him. You probably won't take that advice because it sounds like the wrong thing to do. How can ignoring a man make him want you back?

Instead of ignoring the man who broke up with you, you want to call him and beg him to listen to you and maybe that will change his mind. However everyone is telling you that you should not have any contact with your ex right now. All of this makes you more confused and you fear that any day you will hear that he has a new girlfriend and you may have lost the man you love for good.


Before you send a text or call your ex boyfriend, take some time to get your emotions under control. Anything you do at this time might push him farther away and make getting your ex boyfriend back almost impossible. There has been a lot of research behind what might seem like nonsense to you at this time and there are very good reasons why you should have no contact with your ex for a few weeks after the breakup.

During this time away from your ex boyfriend you should learn more about how men think and how to use male psychology to attract him to you again. You need to understand why chasing your ex is giving him all of the control over any future relationship you may have with him. Anytime there is a disagreement, he will know that all he has to do is make you think he is leaving and you will do his bidding.

As long as you keep expanding his ego by begging him to love you, he will keep ignoring you. If you have the courage to walk away at this time, you can reverse the breakup and become the one in control. However you can't let your ex boyfriend know what you are doing. This will make him stubborn and he will feel that contacting you will make him look like a wimp. That could lead to a standoff and end any hope of getting your ex boyfriend back.

It is well known that a man will usually pursue a woman who shows no interest in him. The male ego will not allow him to back off from a challenge. You may be surprised at how his attitude will change and he will be chasing you again. Getting your ex boyfriend back can be as simple as showing him that you can live without him.

This won't happen over night, because he will wait to see if you will start chasing him again. But with patience and perseverance the man you love will soon be back in your arms for good.

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