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Losing the man you love can make you begin to have self doubts and you will listen to anyone's advise about how to get your ex back. The first advise will probably come from well meaning friends and family. Their advise will be to let him go and forget all about him. But, you love the guy and you want him back.

So, you start sending text, emails and calling him night and day. You tell him of your undying love and that you can't live without him. What does your ex boyfriend do? He ignores you. The more he ignores you the more desperate you become until you throw away your dignity and pride and start begging him to love you again.


All of this is happening because you are so hurt and confused that you can't think straight. However, begging your ex to love you again will just make him lose respect for you and push you away. To get him back, you have to do something in a positive way. Look at what your ex is doing and see how effective he is at making you chase him.

Your ex boyfriend is controlling your actions because he has gotten inside your head. He knows that he can continue to ignore and reject you and you will not think of finding someone else. He has you on hold and he can date other women and have a good time without any fear of losing you. This makes a great situation for him, but a bad one for you.

If you stop chasing your ex for a bit and take time to think, you will realize that you are doing the opposite of what you did to get him interested in you to begin with. When he first met you, if you had acted the way you are acting now, he would not have given you a second glance. Look in the mirror and you will see a woman who is confused and with red eyes from crying.

This is not the woman your ex boyfriend fell in love with. The woman he fell in love with was confident and acted like he didn't exist. This is the woman you need to become again and it all starts with walking away from your ex and ignoring him. It will help if you go to a good salon and get a new hair style and makeover. The shop for new clothes that will make you look great.

Go out with your friends and be seen having a good time, but stay away from any place where you might run into your ex boyfriend for a couple of weeks. Let him have time to hear from other about how great you look. Then stop by the place he usually hangs out and let him get a good look at you and see other guys hitting on you.

Next you should disappear for a few days or a week. Visit friends or relatives, but make sure your ex boyfriend does not know where you are. He will think you might be with one of the guys he saw hitting on you and the thought of you in another guys arms will nearly drive him crazy. Your ex will wake up to the fact that he misses you and is still in love with you. This is why ignoring your ex boyfriend is the best way to get him chasing you again.

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