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You know if you've been asking yourself “how do I get him back”? You're in for a real treat because what I'm about to reveal will really put a smile on your face… here's why.

Providing you use the three principles in this article to help you bring your man back you could find results much faster and a lot more fun. Getting your man back is not complicated when you use the right principles. The big problem is if you don't use the established principles in this article you could loose him forever.


Now listen closely, there are important principles you really should use if you honestly long to get your man back. If you follow the principles in this article you should be off to a very good start and win back your man rather quickly. Also make sure you understand the important points in this article on what to avoid when looking for relationship advice about a man so you don't loose him forever. Now Pay Very Close Attention To What I'm About To Let You In On Because…

Some of these principles here – are really clever!

Principle #1 – First Contact If he has broken up with you, you really need to understand this one vital point as it is the most important of them all, do not contact him. Do not call, email or text message him under any circumstances. Here's why, he will be expecting you to contact him so when you don't he will start to wonder why.

It's important you know that by not contacting him you are gaining a substantially high level of importance in his eyes and that is exactly what you want. What will happen is he will start to wonder who you are hanging out with, where you are and because you have not contacted him he will start to wonder if you are with another man.

And you know what? This could make him jealous and a little healthy jealously is a very good thing. It is more than likely he will try to get in touch with you first because you have not made contact with him.

Principle #2 – Be Irresistible What this means is you should become very appealing to him by implementing the following.

  • Make him think of you as a sweet heart. To do this he must see you as someone with the nature of an angel so to speak. Don't be a faultless girl who never makes a mistake. You need to be sweet and you need to become complimentary to him but definitely not his equivalent. You do not want to be seen as one of his mates
  • You must become sexual in his eyes
  • You also need to construct mystery and challenge about you so he will desire you and want to pursue you

Some quick suggestions to do this would be dressing different, getting your hair done in a different and sexy way, toning your body at the gym and showing him by your actions you can live without him.

Understand that because he fell for you once before it is very likely he can fall for you again quite easily.

Principle #3 – What If He Contacts You First? If he contacts you first there are important steps you must follow and here they are. Act happy and talk with a smile on your face because a smile will come across in your voice. Only say a very quick hello, and then tell him you are rushing out the door because you are running late. If asked where you are going do not elaborate other than saying you are heading out with friends.

Tell him you will call him back tomorrow. Here's the thing, when tomorrow comes you will not call him. This is a vital step in getting him back so make sure you do not call him back even though you said you would. Here's Another Important Point!

Be sure to delay yourself for at least 24 hours in replying to any text messages he may send you. Let him know you are busy and that you will call him soon. Again you will not call him.

Warning: It's vitally important you are made aware of the online information pertaining to getting a man back. A large portion of this information you are exposed to is not what it should be. Let me explain, most of the information is focused on getting a partner or ex back. And the biggest problem with that is the information is not specifically focused on getting a man back. That's why so much of it fails.

Learning more of the principles that can help you get him back including the secrets to a mans mind will always be a huge advantage. When you learn most of the principles and apply them properly you will never again need to ask the question how do I get him back?

These 3 principles above are not theory… they have been tested over time and are proven to work.

If you're really hurting right now and your heart is wanting you ex man back then listen carefully because… the most important thing you can do right now is follow the advice from someone who really knows how to get a man back.

When you follow my advice, you increase your chances of getting him back a staggering amount.

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