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You can find a lot of advice about getting your ex boyfriend back out there. The new fad is to text your ex. What different is that than sending emails. Your guy broke up with you because of something that is bothering him. Pestering him with text, emails or phone calls will just make him more bothered and he will continue to distance himself from you.

I know you are afraid he will forget you and you want to let him know that you still love him. But men need time alone to think sometimes And if he has just broken up with you, this is one of those times. He also needs to see what his life is like without you in order to appreciate what he had with you. When two people are in love, it is easy to take each other for granted and become bored.


Men become bored more easily than women because the male has always been the roamer and the female the home maker. Even in our modern society with women having careers outside the home none of this has changed much. The female wants security and the male wants adventure. When things get too close to commitment time in a relationship, the male becomes afraid of losing his freedom.

He forgets how lonely he might have been before he met you. He becomes used to the small things you do for him and takes it for granted. He gets the crazy idea that he wants to have the freedom he had before he entered into a relationship with you. The jerk doesn't know how good life is with you. That means you have to show him how his life is with out you.

I have seen some so called experts write that the no contact rule is out of fashion. That it doesn't work anymore. They give you cute little things to text and make it sound like he will break a speed record getting back to you. The true fact is, your ex boyfriend will not come running back to you until he begins to miss you and sees that his life sucks without you in it.

You only miss something when it's gone. That should tell you that you have to make your ex think you are moving on. That is where the no contact rule works so well. If you can have the courage to walk away from your guy, he will change his attitude in a hurry. You only have to look at yourself to know this is true. When he broke up with you, you became desperate to get your ex back. That was because he was having no contact with you.

Men also have a hard time with being ignored. By showing your ex that you can have a life without him, you will make his desire for you increase again. When he wakes up to all of the things he lost by breaking up with you, he will want them back. That is when your ex boyfriend will begin chasing you again.

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