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If you have been calling your ex boyfriend repeatedly and he rejects you every time, I might ask why are you calling him? Your answer would be that you love him so much that you can't help yourself. You keep hoping that he will listen to you and you can explain what went wrong with your relationship. But, you know it won't happen and all you are doing is making him more angry.

The problem after a breakup is that you focus so hard on getting your ex back and forget the others in your life who can be of great help at this time. You have your family and best friend who are ready and willing to help you if given the chance. Remember how close you were to them before you became so obsessed with your ex boyfriend? If you want to stop calling your ex, you should start relying on the people who still love you.


You may have neglected your family and best friend, but they will welcome you back with open arms. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for their help. Tell them of the way your ex boyfriend is rejecting you and that you need their support to star pulling away and ignoring him. However, you can't expect them to drop everything in their lives and monitor your actions.

You have to have some self discipline and keep busy with other things. Think of something you always wanted to do, perhaps take a class in some subject or work with handicapped children. Making yourself a better person is always a good way to stop badgering your ex boyfriend. As you find your interest growing with your new activities, you will find it easier to resist the temptation to call your ex boyfriend.

As you find your emotions starting to get back to normal, it could come to you as a surprise that your desperation to get your ex boyfriend back was not caused as much by love as you thought. You could have felt so humiliated by being dumped that you felt you had to fix things up before too many people found out about it. Now that you have confided in the ones who mean the most to you, the desperation is gone.

While you are improving yourself by making a new life, things will be happening to your ex boyfriend. His anger will fade away and he will realize that he has been a stubborn fool. When you stop trying to beg him to take you back, your ex will see how much he needs you in his life. He will miss you and long to hear your voice. The thought of how he rejected you will make him ashamed and he will want to make amends.

Soon your ex will be the one trying to contact you and that will cause you to make a decision. Do you really want him back and give up the life you have started making for yourself? The answer to that is no. However, you can have your ex back and still go on with your new life. Just make him understand that he is important to you, but not your whole life. This can be the foundation to a long lasting relationship and it happened because you learn how to stop calling your ex boyfriend.

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