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Since the breakup, you have been an emotional mess. You know that your ex boyfriend is the only man you can ever love, but all he does is reject your attempts to talk to him. However this is the way things usually go after your ex ends the relationship for one reason or another. You become desperate to get your ex back and he becomes stubborn as a mule.

It's easy to see that something is wrong with running after him because if he had wanted to be with you, your ex boyfriend would not have walked away. He also was pretty sure that you were still in love with him and you would want him back. That is why running after him and telling him your feelings only makes it easier for him to keep hurting you. Unless you do something to change his attitude, he will continue to ignore you.


The best way to change his attitude is to use reverse psychology. That might sound like a term out of a university text book, but it is really very simple. You just treat him the way he is treating you. Since your ex boyfriend's tactic of ignoring you is making you afraid of losing him for good, what would happen if you started ignoring him?

At first the thought of walking away from the man you love might be pretty scary, but look at how well it is working for him. You may think that the reason it works so well for your ex boyfriend is because he broke up with you. However the feeling of loss is a very powerful emotion and no one should know that better than you. It has made you forget your pride in an effort to get your ex back.

Psyche means the working of the mind and to use reverse psychology, you only need to make your ex boyfriend's mind begin to work in your favor. But by running after him, you are doing exactly what he expected you to do. Think of how powerful he must be feeling to have a wonderful woman like you practically begging for his love. He has probably never felt such a boost to his ego before.

The only good thing about what he is doing, is that it is showing you how to get him back. That is where using reverse psychology comes in. I said at the start it would be scary, but you have to find the strength to walk away from your ex boyfriend and start treating him the same way he is treating you. When he sees that you are not going to chase him anymore, everything changes.

Your ex will be the one who is feeling dumped because he will be surprised to think that you don't want him anymore. Now he will be experiencing the feeling of loss and be afraid of losing you for good. This is the way reverse psychology works. You have gotten inside his head, pushed his emotional hot buttons and changed his attitude from comfort to desperation and your ex boyfriend will be chasing you again.

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